Laurie Bunker

October 22, 2018

Laurie Bunker of Raton Pass Motor Inn 

Innkeeper Laurie Bunker of the Raton Pass Motor Inn, a revitalized mid-century “vintage lifestyle” themed motel in Raton New Mexico. The Raton Pass Motor Inn has a really strong brand identity and a really well-defined ideal guest that they reach through Instagram & events.


Intro: 0:00 

About Raton Pass Motor Inn & Cultivating a Brand: 2:35 

Tapping Into the “Classic Motels” Movement: 7:20

Defining Her Ideal Guests: 9:30 

Laurie’s Social Media Strategy: 11:25 

Events to Attract & Connect with Guests: 18:00 Laurie’s Top Piece of Advice: 24:15 

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