Brett Rauber

November 12, 2018

Brett Rauber of The Campbell House Inn

Innkeeper Brett Rauber of The Campbell House Inn, a historic 20-room boutique hotel in Eugene, Oregon. Brett really focuses on return on investment (ROI) when it comes to marketing his Inn, and for guest services. He shares insights on managing occupancy and average daily rates (ADR), staff training and upsells to drive his property’s success.


Intro – 0:00 

About Campbell House Inn, their guests, and social media – 1:40 

Approach to using OTAs – 10:35 

Using ADR and occupancy to drive success – 14:05 

Training staff and upsells – 16:58 

Return on investment (ROI) for marketing & guest services, more ADR & occupancy – 22:00 

About Eugene – 36:20 

One piece of advice for other Innkeepers – 41:33 

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