Marcus Berg

November 5, 2018

Marcus Berg of Unique Angles Photography

Marcus Berg of Unique Angles Photography joins the podcast to share some wisdom about how important photography is to the hospitality industry. Marcus and Unique Angles Photography has focused exclusively on hospitality photography since 2008. Marcus shares some tips like how to know if you need new photography, how to shoot your own photos with your smartphone, and what to look for when hiring a photographer.


Intro: 0:00 

How to Tell Good Photography from Bad – 3:00

Should I Have People in My Inn’s Photos? – 6:30

Shooting rooms: 10:00 

Taking Pictures with Your Phone: 12:30 

Take Your Own Photos of Your Destination 17:00 

Instagram 20:15 

Marcus’ Favorite Experiences: 21:55 

How to be a Good B&B Photography Client: 23:15 

How Marcus Works with Innkeepers: 28:30

Hiring a Photographer, and Why Real Estate Photography is Different: 30:20

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